Friday, April 24, 2009

Well I have some really cute pictures to post but my camera power button is stuck. Eric asked "What did you do?" I responded "Uh...I tired to turn it on..." Not sure how I broke it but I did. I have been wanting a new one anyway so it works out great for me...maybe not for the pocket book but for me anyway!

Update on the Bascoms:
1. New nephew count for the year: 2 Xavier Bascom and Rush Richardson
New niece count for the year: 1 Caroline Richardson.
I haven't met Xavier yet but if he is half as sweet as the other two I am in for a treat!
Pictures to come when the camera decides to wake up or be buried.

2. Austin made a 4.0 and the Honor Roll for school

3. Mya's preschool took a field trip to the Strawberry Patch and we all ate as many strawberries as we could hold in our bellies and then brought a bunch home. It was really cute to see the girls pick them right off the plant and shove them in!

4. We have two new pets: Lucy and rats. They are so sweet and durable! Let's just say they have yet to bite even with all of the Aliyah Lovin they get.

5. Easter was a home run this year. We spent the night in our new cabin in Mississippi and had an Easter egg hunt with all the Richardson Cousins and then had a great big lunch together. The kids swam in the lake, played on the beach, fished, ran on the trails, hunted for monarch caterpillars etc until they were completely worn out! Awesome! The next day on Easter the bunny left some rocking baskets filled with play-doh and kites. My brother and his wife blessed their Baby Caroline on that day so more family visiting and gathering after church. We made our exit when Aliyah decided she had had enough for one weekend! I am sure I win the worst mother in the world award though because I forgot to take pictures of the kids....lame.

6. Oh yeah General Conference! I did not get to watch as much as I would have liked. The wee ones conspired against us this year. They have let us watch in years past but the stars were not aligned. I am waiting for the Ensign to come out so I can read it. However, My Mom, Eric and I made a melt-in-your-mouth Cafe Rio Salad that I ate way too much of and that we all ate again the next night!

7. Austin got some new glasses with the promise that if he can prove to the eye doctor that he is responsible he may be able to get a contact this summer. He only has an issue with on e eye so we would only need one contact. Anyone have any advice on children getting contacts? She seems to think it would be fine seeing as how the glasses keep cramping his style when he wants to play on the trampoline, play football, etc. And I keep having to buy new glasses!

8. Eric is taking a break from his traveling and sticking around for a while...I think...maybe I better call his assistant to check on that...

I know...text = boring, but at least you know I am alive!