Friday, July 16, 2010

BUNCHES of Bascoms!

Eric's family has always been wonderful about making an effort to come see us, the black sheep of the family who moved away. We love them for it. This time when they came we decided to jam in as much activity as humanly possible into the time they were here. (In case they never come back, right?)

We did:
1. Mya's gymnastics
2. two of Austin's swim meets (bless their melting souls!)
3. looked for gators
4. yummy food
5. a night at the Cabin, which included lots of lake swimming, fishing, crafts, yummy food, critter finding, boys cousins all piled in one room, girls cousins retreating to travel trailer with Grandma and Grandpa, jumping off of the boat house, smores and a not-so-scary-to-anyone-else-but-the-Eric-Bascom-kids story.
6. Austin's baptism
7. waffles after church
8. jambalya courtesy of my bro Shane after baptism...delish!
9. Global Wildlife center where the pregnant giraffes ate right out of our hands!
10. shopping
11. golf for guys
12. forgetting our kids where around because they did not need us at all with so many cousins around.
13. barbecuing
14. touring Houmas House
15. eating at "The Cabin"
16. more shopping
17. Eric's Rotary dinner, which we totally dolled Chrisie up for!
18. youth temple trip
19. swimming, swimming and swimming
20. sno-balls
21. lizard, frog and turtle catching
22. girls fixing each other's hair
23. etc., etc., etc.

A jam packed week. Adam and company left on Sunday and Dave's fam and Eric's parents left on Thursday. We miss everyone so much!

Baptism Boy and Dad
Warming up
Visit to see Mike the tiger. There's a real tiger it the habitat in the background.

Lewis, Cali, Aliyah, Mya
Chrisie and Me
Mya found a cozy seat
Zach, Nathan, Austin and Lewis
Kids, Eric and the gator at the Coffee House where we got... beignets, not coffee people.
Crashing at the cabin. I think there are 6 people in the picture. Can you find them all?
Grandpa cooking breakfast
Aliyah and Josh
Austin with Adam and Amy's family after his baptism. He made the hair flower amy is wearing for her.

Paddle boating. I think its Mya and Cali paddling, Zach pulling them out of the mud and Aliyah and Josh along for the ride!

There are more pictures that I need to get from Wendy and I will post them when I get them!

Tri #1 down

400 M swim., 11 mile bike ride, 2 mile run. He trained. He bought the gear. He rented a bike. He found a friend to train with him. He convinced his wife he would not die of a low blood sugar. He signed up. Drove to meet us in Dallas where we were already for my nephew's baby blessing. Tested his blood in copious amounts before, during and after. He stopped to give insulin during the race when it started to go high. He ate candy when it began to go low. He threw up candy after the race. All in all it was worth it!

I will post pics of the visit with family and such later. But for man!
#207, Age 30
Getting bike into ready position. It's very early in the AM and very dark!
Racing Friends
Heading to the water. He is the one closest the camera and unfortunately the most blurry. Dang humidity!
Waiting in the water for the starting horn. His age group was the first to start. They were marked by the green caps while in the water. Once out of the water, they were marked by their age on their leg.
Transition to the bike from the swim. This is where he lost alot of time. Most people did not have to test their blood sugar, wipe their feet down excessively to avoid foot damage and give two units of insulin via a pump before they could continue. This was the fun of the challenge for him. Doing it and being competitive while adding in the "extras".
He really enjoyed the bike ride if you couldn't tell! This was him returning from the 11 miles. He wished it was longer and the run shorter. He hates running!
Mike on the bike. His chain came off which costs them some time too.
Mike, sinus infection and all, finishing.
Running in from the finish. That candy is not sitting so well.
Be right back. Gotta go puke.

Starting to feel better.
Cheerleader Adi!
Cheerleaders Amy and Austin! Eric is feeling great now!
Now he can wear the T-shirt. He wouldn't wear the shirt until he had finished! (Mya is adorable and Baby Chase is not so happy here!)

East Ascension Rotary President no mo!

Saying Thanks to Eric for a Job well done. L-R Eric, District Rotary Pres., incoming pres.
Dave and Wendy were in town still so they got to come!
Farewell speech
Blurry. But we are happy to be done with the obligation!
Walt and Chrisie were still in town so they got to come.
Eric and his brother Dave. See any family resemblance?
The Ladies (You know they are short when I am the tallest one at 5'2"! I did have three inch heels on but still...)