Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tag Your It

I took this tag from my sister-in-law who did it several months ago but I am just getting around to it.  You are supposed to download the forth picture in the fourth file (I think.  It's random anyway.)   This is from the pictures we took to send to Eric's parents after we moved into our new house and I had decorated.  This is the kid's/guest bath, a Bandana/cowboy theme.  I know you are all better off for having seen it :)  Tag everyone is it!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Monster Truck Show

Our neighbor Ms. Mary was going out of town, so she asked Austin to take her dog out to the bathroom every day when he got home from school and at night before he went to bed.  For payment she was going to buy tickets for him and Mya to the Monster Truck Show that was coming in town.  We all got to go and Ms. Mary came with us.  We had a blast!  Thanks for keeping Aliyah Mom even though she kept you up all night!  I had a video but I need to remember how to add it.  

Ms. Mary and Me

Us minus Alyah


I need one more person to send gifts to with the Chain of love post.  Don't be shy people.  

I did this with Eric's permission.  It is only to show that I am proud of him and nothing more!

Eric, my brother Shane and my brother Seth all stared a workout program called P90X back in September of last year.  The program lasted 90 days and consisted of a very regimented diet and exercise program.  In the three months Eric had 2 very small slices of cake...that was it for the sweets department.  I started on the diet for a little while and in 6 weeks I lost 8 pounds.  I thought that was good enough and quit.  Lame me!  The program is awesome and they have hooked many many people on it since including both sets of our parents!!  It has also been the best thing in the world for his diabetes.  Here is before and after:



Sunday, March 01, 2009

Chain of Love

My friend posted this on her blog and I participated with the promise that I would keep the chain going.  So Here it goes...

The first five people to comment on this post will get something in the mail from me.  My friend promised something homemade but I can't make the same promise.  It may be more semi-homemade...who knows?  It will be good though I can promise that.  

The catch is that you are one of the five commenters have to post a similar post on you blog.  This keeps us all busy and thinking of others for a while.  Hope you can participate.