Monday, May 18, 2009

Chung Be!

Watch out world! The Bascom kids are going to be unstoppable!

My favorite part: I can tell them "Chung Be" which is the "ready stance" command, then I can go away and come back and they will still be standing there, at attention, when I get back. This is going to be very valuable, I can tell already!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Foot Surgery

A couple people have asked about Eric's foot surgery. He had some ingrown toenails removed. Lest you think that is a simple, painless procedure, I will tell you it is not! I almost cried watching them do the surgery and I will not tell if Eric did or not! He explained to me that there is a pain threshold that once reached eyes just naturally water. Umm Hmm. He is doing better but still has to baby his toe pretty much. Anytime you talk about diabetics and feet it is a scary thing. Hopefully we avoided some major issues in the future by having this done now. He is going to be much better as soon as this heals. Thanks for asking.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Little Business

I know I usually reserve my blog for a record of our comings and goings but I need to diverge from the path for this post.

Eric and I are selling a one acre lot of land in Galvez and are looking for a buyer. If you or someone you know would be interested in looking at it please comment.

We are offering $500 to anyone that helps us find a buyer!


Friday, May 08, 2009

Aliyah Turns 2!

That was then (one year ago):

This is now: (so big!)

I cannot believe that my younget and last child is two years old! Aliyah is such a joy to have in our home. She is always smiling and comforting whoever happens to taken up the position as the sad child for the moment. Loves to take care of her babies and does so ever so gently. I love that she asks to hear 'The wheels on the bus" in the car at leat 25 times beofre we arrive to where we are going. She will do evey motion and sing almost every word if no one is watching. Aliyah loves to make new friends and currently her best friends are Dumbo our pet rat and her Daddy. She is a very compliant child and has always been so happy and pleasent to be around. I also love that am potty training her and she can hold it forever! Way to go Liyah Bear! We love Aliyah and are so happy you are in our family!

Eating with my big bro

Grandma and Grandpa with Aliyah and Mya

Time out for kisses from Grandma

Mya and Austin hover over to help with gifts at a moments notice
Eric had practiced with her early in the day so she would be able to blow out the candles!

I think she was mad that we took her away from her toys here!
(I wish I had fixed myself up here. It had been a long dayof painting my house, and taking kids to the doctor unexpectedly and putting together this little shin-dig. Oh well, that's what professional family pictures are for! )

The older kids wanted to get something for Aliyah on her birthday. We took a family trip to the store and they had a little tiny four wheeler setup on display. Aliyah fell in love. She would not get off. I had to run and get some icing for her cake so Eric (who was riding an electric cart because of recent foot surgey) told me to go and he would handle it. Handle it included having Austin prying her hands off and Eric leting her drive the electric shopping cart. Whatever works... We decided it was a worthy investment and Austin and Mya even put their money towards her new toy instead of looking for something else! She was delighted to see it on her birthday. I later found out that Austin was hoping to be able to ride it which may have been the reason for the enthusiasm behind the decision on his part. Sorry buddy you are way too big! Don't worry, we will hook a brotha up!

Side note: Remember Eric had surgery, hence the duck like boot he is wearing.