Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why do you love Daddy?

Austin:  Dad always is nice to us and he spends time with us and he works to get money for our family and I like it when he helps me build my faith.

Mya: He is nice to me.  He does nice things for me.  He loves me.  He likes to be with me on Father's Day and he always treats me good.

Aliyah: Daddy? Daddy...Daddy

Amy:  Eric you are one amazing example to our children.  You are a kind example of the love the Savior has for each of us in this family.  I am more and more grateful for you everyday.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about you.  I am one lucky girl and our kids are lucky to have a daddy who takes his fatherly responsibility seriously.  Is it any wonder that they ask  million times a day when daddy will be home and why they each love to be right next to your side at all times?  They feel loved when they are near you.  It radiates from you.  We love you back!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Father Son Campout

The Baton Rouge Stake has a great tradition of holding an annual Father/Son Campout in the spring.  Austin and Eric are faithful attenders!  Two days of swimming in the lakes and creeks, fishing, and eating junk food.  What could be better?  

Can you see Austin and Uncle Seth in the tree?  Merrick and Jack decided to stroll through the water instead.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Chain of Love Complete

Amber this is for you!  Thank you, thank you!  Eric's pancakes somehow taste better when he wears this little number.  

Friday, June 05, 2009


I got my hair cut and colored the other day...I am in love.  Eric loves it equally!  Austin is not so sure because he says it does not look like me.  Aliyah only voiced her opinion in screaming ecstatically that I was home from the salon and saying "Mommy Home!" 45 times.  Mya was so in love that she talked her daddy into taking her out to get her hair cut right away.  

Monday, May 18, 2009

Chung Be!

Watch out world! The Bascom kids are going to be unstoppable!

My favorite part: I can tell them "Chung Be" which is the "ready stance" command, then I can go away and come back and they will still be standing there, at attention, when I get back. This is going to be very valuable, I can tell already!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Foot Surgery

A couple people have asked about Eric's foot surgery. He had some ingrown toenails removed. Lest you think that is a simple, painless procedure, I will tell you it is not! I almost cried watching them do the surgery and I will not tell if Eric did or not! He explained to me that there is a pain threshold that once reached eyes just naturally water. Umm Hmm. He is doing better but still has to baby his toe pretty much. Anytime you talk about diabetics and feet it is a scary thing. Hopefully we avoided some major issues in the future by having this done now. He is going to be much better as soon as this heals. Thanks for asking.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Little Business

I know I usually reserve my blog for a record of our comings and goings but I need to diverge from the path for this post.

Eric and I are selling a one acre lot of land in Galvez and are looking for a buyer. If you or someone you know would be interested in looking at it please comment.

We are offering $500 to anyone that helps us find a buyer!


Friday, May 08, 2009

Aliyah Turns 2!

That was then (one year ago):

This is now: (so big!)

I cannot believe that my younget and last child is two years old! Aliyah is such a joy to have in our home. She is always smiling and comforting whoever happens to taken up the position as the sad child for the moment. Loves to take care of her babies and does so ever so gently. I love that she asks to hear 'The wheels on the bus" in the car at leat 25 times beofre we arrive to where we are going. She will do evey motion and sing almost every word if no one is watching. Aliyah loves to make new friends and currently her best friends are Dumbo our pet rat and her Daddy. She is a very compliant child and has always been so happy and pleasent to be around. I also love that am potty training her and she can hold it forever! Way to go Liyah Bear! We love Aliyah and are so happy you are in our family!

Eating with my big bro

Grandma and Grandpa with Aliyah and Mya

Time out for kisses from Grandma

Mya and Austin hover over to help with gifts at a moments notice
Eric had practiced with her early in the day so she would be able to blow out the candles!

I think she was mad that we took her away from her toys here!
(I wish I had fixed myself up here. It had been a long dayof painting my house, and taking kids to the doctor unexpectedly and putting together this little shin-dig. Oh well, that's what professional family pictures are for! )

The older kids wanted to get something for Aliyah on her birthday. We took a family trip to the store and they had a little tiny four wheeler setup on display. Aliyah fell in love. She would not get off. I had to run and get some icing for her cake so Eric (who was riding an electric cart because of recent foot surgey) told me to go and he would handle it. Handle it included having Austin prying her hands off and Eric leting her drive the electric shopping cart. Whatever works... We decided it was a worthy investment and Austin and Mya even put their money towards her new toy instead of looking for something else! She was delighted to see it on her birthday. I later found out that Austin was hoping to be able to ride it which may have been the reason for the enthusiasm behind the decision on his part. Sorry buddy you are way too big! Don't worry, we will hook a brotha up!

Side note: Remember Eric had surgery, hence the duck like boot he is wearing.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Well I have some really cute pictures to post but my camera power button is stuck. Eric asked "What did you do?" I responded "Uh...I tired to turn it on..." Not sure how I broke it but I did. I have been wanting a new one anyway so it works out great for me...maybe not for the pocket book but for me anyway!

Update on the Bascoms:
1. New nephew count for the year: 2 Xavier Bascom and Rush Richardson
New niece count for the year: 1 Caroline Richardson.
I haven't met Xavier yet but if he is half as sweet as the other two I am in for a treat!
Pictures to come when the camera decides to wake up or be buried.

2. Austin made a 4.0 and the Honor Roll for school

3. Mya's preschool took a field trip to the Strawberry Patch and we all ate as many strawberries as we could hold in our bellies and then brought a bunch home. It was really cute to see the girls pick them right off the plant and shove them in!

4. We have two new pets: Lucy and rats. They are so sweet and durable! Let's just say they have yet to bite even with all of the Aliyah Lovin they get.

5. Easter was a home run this year. We spent the night in our new cabin in Mississippi and had an Easter egg hunt with all the Richardson Cousins and then had a great big lunch together. The kids swam in the lake, played on the beach, fished, ran on the trails, hunted for monarch caterpillars etc until they were completely worn out! Awesome! The next day on Easter the bunny left some rocking baskets filled with play-doh and kites. My brother and his wife blessed their Baby Caroline on that day so more family visiting and gathering after church. We made our exit when Aliyah decided she had had enough for one weekend! I am sure I win the worst mother in the world award though because I forgot to take pictures of the kids....lame.

6. Oh yeah General Conference! I did not get to watch as much as I would have liked. The wee ones conspired against us this year. They have let us watch in years past but the stars were not aligned. I am waiting for the Ensign to come out so I can read it. However, My Mom, Eric and I made a melt-in-your-mouth Cafe Rio Salad that I ate way too much of and that we all ate again the next night!

7. Austin got some new glasses with the promise that if he can prove to the eye doctor that he is responsible he may be able to get a contact this summer. He only has an issue with on e eye so we would only need one contact. Anyone have any advice on children getting contacts? She seems to think it would be fine seeing as how the glasses keep cramping his style when he wants to play on the trampoline, play football, etc. And I keep having to buy new glasses!

8. Eric is taking a break from his traveling and sticking around for a while...I think...maybe I better call his assistant to check on that...

I know...text = boring, but at least you know I am alive!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tag Your It

I took this tag from my sister-in-law who did it several months ago but I am just getting around to it.  You are supposed to download the forth picture in the fourth file (I think.  It's random anyway.)   This is from the pictures we took to send to Eric's parents after we moved into our new house and I had decorated.  This is the kid's/guest bath, a Bandana/cowboy theme.  I know you are all better off for having seen it :)  Tag everyone is it!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Monster Truck Show

Our neighbor Ms. Mary was going out of town, so she asked Austin to take her dog out to the bathroom every day when he got home from school and at night before he went to bed.  For payment she was going to buy tickets for him and Mya to the Monster Truck Show that was coming in town.  We all got to go and Ms. Mary came with us.  We had a blast!  Thanks for keeping Aliyah Mom even though she kept you up all night!  I had a video but I need to remember how to add it.  

Ms. Mary and Me

Us minus Alyah


I need one more person to send gifts to with the Chain of love post.  Don't be shy people.  

I did this with Eric's permission.  It is only to show that I am proud of him and nothing more!

Eric, my brother Shane and my brother Seth all stared a workout program called P90X back in September of last year.  The program lasted 90 days and consisted of a very regimented diet and exercise program.  In the three months Eric had 2 very small slices of cake...that was it for the sweets department.  I started on the diet for a little while and in 6 weeks I lost 8 pounds.  I thought that was good enough and quit.  Lame me!  The program is awesome and they have hooked many many people on it since including both sets of our parents!!  It has also been the best thing in the world for his diabetes.  Here is before and after:



Sunday, March 01, 2009

Chain of Love

My friend posted this on her blog and I participated with the promise that I would keep the chain going.  So Here it goes...

The first five people to comment on this post will get something in the mail from me.  My friend promised something homemade but I can't make the same promise.  It may be more semi-homemade...who knows?  It will be good though I can promise that.  

The catch is that you are one of the five commenters have to post a similar post on you blog.  This keeps us all busy and thinking of others for a while.  Hope you can participate.  

Saturday, February 28, 2009

SNOW IN LA?!?!?!

Again, old news but I have a lot of catching up to do!  This is from December of last year.

When Austin came from school saying that it might snow the next day we thought he was nuts.  We explained to him that it doesn't snow in Louisiana and that one day we would go to Utah in the winter to see snow.  Open mouth insert foot.  The next day at 6:30 am Austin runs into our room exclaiming, "It's snowing!  It's snowing!!!"  I have never seen anything like this in Louisiana and I have lived here almost my entire life.  We got about 3-4 inches!  Of course it melted the next day but we had a alot of cold and wet fun for a day...(we have NO snow clothes!)

Mya, a little snowman and Austin

Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Update

At Kristin's request here is another update on our miserable children.  Things got worse after my last update.  Both Mya and Austin starting throwing-up.  Of course they did!  What is a rough week with out a little puking in there??  However, this is the third day that  Mya is off to school!!!!!!!!!  Nose has a little left over yellow bruising, but she is feeling great.

Austin  started running a 102 degree fever on Monday and then he started throwing up.  There were threats from the doctor about going to the ER for an IV so he decided to drink after that.  Today however, he will not.  We are supposedly on the worst days of recovery.

Aliyah has been miserable all week.  We left the ENT's office yesterday with her kicking and screaming about having to leave a baby doll that belonged at the dr's office.  Later we had to run by the store (yes I took them out of the house yesterday because at the time Austin was feeling decent)  she screamed the entire time.  The manager of the store came over to help me pick out some sweet potatoes and another worker offered to help me through the store.  They were sweet but I only needed three things and Aliyah was not going to sit in a cart.   I just carried the screaming banshie throughout the store while Austin and Mya carried the groceries.  Austin said, "Mom you must be really embarrassed!"  I could honestly say I wasn't.  The feeling of complete exhaustion far outweighed any embarrassment that may have come!  Although I have never had a store worker ask if they could help me, much less two!  We must have been a sight!!!

I texted Eric at some point yesterday to say, that I would love to talk to him and give him an update on the kids but I wouldn't be able to do so because we were in the car and the screaming was entirely too bad.  He took a long time to text back.  When he did it said "you have an appointment for 7 pm."  "for what?"  I asked.  "For a massage.  It's an hour."  I was so excited!!!!!  I was starting to have really debilitating headaches  that nothing would cure.  I know it was because I was so tense, stressed tight, etc.  Only problem was that it was 9 hours away!  I did actually make it through the rest of the day until Eric came home to take over.  When the massage girl got to my shoulders she said "OH MY GOSH GIRL!!  You are stressed.  You win the tightest client today by a landslide!" 

 I came home to a quiet house where all the kids were bathed  and in bed and dinner was cleaned up.  I got in the bath because I knew I was going to be sore from the massage. That girl earned her money getting out those knots.  I am sore even this morning but no headaches.  I feel like I can handle the day now.  

To summarize, yes things got worse.  They are still bad for Austin .  I am feeling better and I got some chocolate in the house :).  Mya is feeling great.  Aliyah has only screamed for something twice this morning and Eric wins the award for the most attentive and responsive husband of the year!!

Thanks for caring!  I will have to remember to be more grateful when the weeks are easier!   

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Christmas 2008

I know this is late but I told you I was catching up.  We had a wonderful Christmas this past year and felt so blessed to be happy, healthy and together.  I was great about taking lots of video this year but not as many pictures.  Big gifts included a Wii and a basketball goal; both of which have kept us all very entertained.  

Daddy and Aliyah...I think he was trying to keep her from stealing the Wii remotes from her brother and sister!

Modeling the hats my parents had made for everyone.  They say "Heritage Pines" on them which is the name of the land we own in Mississippi.

Mya opening her scooter from my parents.

Need I say more?

New toothbrushes and PJs.  

Monday, February 23, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date

The night before Mya hit her face on the floor was a wonderful night for her!  The Reflections of Christ was open for the last night and it was going to close with a concert from the artist who made the cd to accompany the picture gallery.  I knew I would not be able to go because I would be home with Austin but I did not want Eric to miss it.  He decided to take Mya on a date to go see it since she seemed to be feeling better from being sick all week.  This date was complete with dinner and all!   Mya had requested to go to a "dark" restaurant.  He came to me and said , "What in the world is a dark restaurant?"  I didn't know either so I asked her.  She said "Oh you know, like Taco Bell!"  Eric sighed a sigh of relief that she was not already going to break his wallet at four years old.  I think she mostly wanted to sit down somewhere and not go to a drive through.  She wanted her Daddy's undivided attention for a night.  They had a great time.  She started to not feel great toward the end but Eric said the concert was awesome.  Thanks, Eric, for being a great Daddy!

Grandpa Crane

This is old news to us but it will be new for many of you.  My Grandpa makes a yearly trip from Utah to visit with his Great Grandkids every January.  He makes sure to spend at least one evening in each home so the kids can get to know him better.  He said he feels like an animal at the zoo if we take the kids to my parent's house to see him, so he likes to come to see the kids in their own homes.  During his trip we got to see him a lot.  He ate lunch with Mya at my parent's house (less zoo-like because it was one one one), ate lunch with Austin at school, and came to eat dinner and have Family Home Evening with us.  He told the kids stories about when he was a little kid, which they could not get enough of.  I even leaned a new thing about him:  He was the Leader of the first ever desegregated boy scout troop in America.  Austin is very into American history right now so he thought that was awesome.  He also thought it was awesome that Grandpa Crane had flown planes in WWII.  He was sure to let his class know that the next day!  We had a great time with him and look forward to seeing him in June when we go out to Utah.

Not sure why I look so big in this picture!!!

Just an update

We found out today that Mya's nose is not broken, just injured and that Aliyah has an ear infection.  Austin is still miserable but for those of you concerned that he is missing too much school, it is Mardi Gras here and the kids are out of school.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miserable Days...we are looking forward to next week~

Austin had his surgery on Thursday and the picture Eric took of him at the surgery center pretty much sums it up.  I had planned on having a a fairly miserable kid for the next week or so but I had no idea what was ahead of me!  The day he had surgery he was really in a lot of pain and very groggy.  He only wanted to stay in bed and watch movies on the DVD player we had set up for him.  Anyone with a six year old boy knows that this is not normal!  The pain meds they had him on were really making him sleepy as well. The next day I was ready for whatever came, or so I thought.  Aliyah woke up like a little bear and screamed and cried about, well any and EVERYTHING!  Mya, who had been sick all week, was in a similar mood as well.  Eric wished me luck as he walked out of the door for work.  The screaming, crying and utter misery continued into lunch time.  I was on the phone with my sister-in-law who had called to check on Austin when Mya's screams turned "real".  I ran out to see what was going on and she was bleeding from her mouth and nose.  To make a long story short-er she had fallen and busted her lip, knocked some teeth loose and we are pretty sure broke her nose.  Things are pretty bad right now right?  The screaming continues but now I have two really very miserable children.  Things were better today because Daddy was home from work.  I took an opportunity to run to the store and when I came home my poor little girl with the broken nose is running a 102 degree fever.  Not sure why!  The screaming and crying continues.  Maybe I am a big wimp but I am looking forward to posting about happier days around here.  Oh and I have no chocolate in the house to boot

I asked her if I could take this picture.  I didn't want her to be mad at me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Going Under the Knife

So Austin will go under the knife tomorrow for his 7th set of ear tubes.  That's right...7 sets!  They will also take his adenoids out for the second time (they have grown back from the first time) and have his tonsils removed.  Best part for Mom-hopefully no more ear infections.  Best part for Austin- potentially two weeks out of school with Mom "home schooling", endless popsicles, a new game boy game and new books.  The doctor told us that we would have to keep him "still" for  almost two weeks....what????  This is going to be interesting.  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is That Soap???

I know I am not the only mother who has ever had her kids leave the water in the bath tub and then leave the soap in with it.  This is Aliyah's favorite way to have the soap.  She loves the scrape of little bits with her finger nails and rub them on the wall, in her eyes, you get the idea, places where soap doesn't belong. Usually she does this when I put her in the bath at night and the soap is still soft from the night before. This is the site I found the other day when I walked in on her.  I am not even sure how she got the soap from the other side if the bathtub.  Her hair is totally stiff here and washing that out was tearful and agonizing let me assure you!  Sorry about the rest of the mess in the picture...didn't realize it was so bad that day!

Highlights of My Week so far!

Highlight of my week so far:

1.  Made 8 frozen pizza doughs
2.  Cleaned my house
3.  Took lots of naps (there is a very bad cold going around this place!)
4.  Going tomorrow to pick up our half of a cow that we had butchered .  I know it sounds a little odd but we bought half of a cow from a man in our ward and we have to go to the butcher to tell him how we want it cut.  At $2 a pound for all the wonderful meat, you can't beat it! 137 lbs of meat total!
5.  Neighbor Ms. Mary cooked enough split pea soup for our family to eat tonight and freeze for another night.  She always cooks for us and makes two batches so I can freeze one for another night.  She doesn't even like red beans and rice but know Mya likes them so she will call and tell me to come over with a container for red beans.  She dumps the whole pot into my bowl! She never even eats a bowl of it!!!! She will also call and say, "Go ahead and cook some spaghetti noodles and I will have something for you to put on it in a minute."  She is a great neighbor!!!  
6.  Made pink rice krispie treats with Mya for her class. 
7.  Got to spend the morning with just Austin when I took him to the doctor.
8.  Went to the Reflections of Christ display that was AMAZING!  
9.  Okay this is in the future but Eric and I are going to a Mardi Gras Ball for his Rotary Club.  We are probably going to sneak out early and go see a movie that we have been wanting to see.
10.  Got blog updated!!!!

Friday, February 06, 2009

In Eric's perspective

I was glancing through my pictures the other day on the computer and found some cute pics from Eric's phone that had been uploaded.  Here is what he has been capturing.  

Aliyah celebrating Eric's birthday at Jason's Deli
Mya waiting in line at her preschool Christmas Party.  They sang to the residents at the nursing home.  Mya went around and hugged as many residents as she could after they were done.  She told them "Have a Merry Christmas".  She brought a tear to my eyes, Eric's eyes and some of the other mothers eyes.  That girl has a big heart!

Hugging Santa at Wal Mart
Austin had all his dreams come true when they happened upon this site at the Toy store on a Father Son outing!

Austin at his school fair.
Aliyah looking at some Halloween decorations.
Me in the rainforest. (Yeah I made the phone!)
 Mya and I at Wal-Mart.  I think she had dragged me back from the checkout line to look for a necklace.
Eric took me shopping that day!