Sunday, October 17, 2010

And Bella makes 6

NO! Not six people in the Bascom family! (But I knew I would catch some attention with that title.)

We at the Bascom abode love animals. We now have two fish, Cosmo and Wanda, two rats, Dumbo and Lucy, and two Dogs Sadie and Bella. This first picture was taken for Aliyah to take to preschool the day before we got Bella. The next two are of Bella and the kids.
Bella is a Dogo Argentino, nicknamed the Argentine Mastiff. We wanted a BIG, tough looking outside dog that would be so gentle with our kids. She has a beautiful soft white coat and the sweetest personality. She has already decided these kids are her own. We sent her to get her ears cropped a few days after we got her. When she came back, she would not go outside to the bathroom unless Mya went with her. She is only 15 weeks and will probably tip the scales at 100 lbs when she is full grown. (Not even half the size of the last dog I had as a kid which was 220 lbs when he died. That was an Old English Mastiff.) The hope is that she will make people think twice before coming into our yard unannounced but be sweet to those who we welcome to our home. I will get pics up when her ears heal so you can see our Beautiful Baby Bella ready to keep us safe!