Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Laundry Quandry

We have some serious laundry issues around here. It doesn't help that my children think everything that is dirty is clean and everything that is clean is dirty.

I have had enough. My biggest frustration comes when I have to look for dirty school uniforms and find them stuffed into dresser drawers. Austin being the most guilty of such an offense, I explained to him the other night that I had done all of the laundry and he had no clothes for school tomorrow. Also, I had no socks for him and I was not staying up late to do anymore laundry. He emerged from his room carrying all but one set of uniform clothes (which happened to be in the washer at the moment but I didn't tell him that.) I told him that he could 1. sniff them and find the least stinky to wear to school or 2. wear whatever he wanted and get written up. He frantically checked the washer and found his still wet clothes so helped me put the entire load of clothes to the dryer to get dried. I reminded him about the socks. He came out of his room with about 6 pair of dirty socks that had been sitting in his drawers. He magically remembered about a couple of clean pair in the wrong drawer and behind his desk! Imagine that! He honestly seem relieved not to have to wear dirty clothes or get written up! (I was surprised because I expected him to just wear dirty ones and not care at all. Seven year old boys...)

This incident was following one earlier in the day when I asked the kids to put away the clothes I had just washed, dried, and folded. They cried and moaned. I told them about a blog I had read where this mother made her kids (who where the same age as mine) do all the laundry at their house. Mya cried (no really, cried!), "Are you going to make us to do that?!" hmmm.... Something is amiss here.

I decided that this summer they would be helping with their own laundry. Sorting, washing, drying, folding, putting away. Maybe they would appreciate what I do for them. Yesterday evening I looked at the pile of clothes to fold and thought why wait for summer? I could have help today! I would have to be patient though, as I love clothes to be folded "properly". I may just have to give that up for the sake of the life lesson.

I separated out their clothes and bath towels from the rest of the pile. I made their own pile for them and let them fold away. It took me half the time to finish my part-bonus! I was surprised to learn a few things myself. (That's the way it always goes as a mother though, right? You expect to be teaching a lesson and end up learning more than the kids!)

1. They knew how to fold clothes, really well actually.
2. They basked in the responsibility and bragged to each other about how much they got done.
3. I liked sitting with them and working along side of them.

They woke up this morning and reminded me there was another load to fold and could they please do it before school. They didn't have enough time so I told them maybe after school. Mya said, "But Mom, I have gymnastics. When am I going to fold those clothes?" Add time management to the list of lesson from a laundry basket!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

My parents were a little surprised when the Bishop called them into his office in December and asked them to consider serving a mission. My Dad said, "Bishop, I am not retired. We were planning on it in about three years." To which the Bishop replied, "Think a little harder about going now." What do you say about that? So they did (I am sure there was some serious prayer in there too!) They turned their papers in a few weeks later, my Dad retired and then they waited and waited and waited...

The Sunday of the week that they were sure the call was coming they had the family over for dinner and a little guessing game. We each got one guess within the US and one outside of the US, grandkids too.

They got the call on a Thursday and they called us all over to watch them open it. Those who were not there were assigned a "phone buddy" who called them to let them hear the excitement.

South Africa it was!!! (not the best picture of my Mom but not a whole lot of opportunity to do a retake!)

PS They are now waiting for their Visas. It could be as late as July before they leave. They were supposed to have left on Saturday the 17th. Now we wait some more...

Monday, April 05, 2010

Disney 2010

This year was a landmark for Eric and I. We took our kids on a "real" family vacation. Don't get me wrong, we have been on alot of trips, but this was the first one 1. that wasn't to see family 2. that we took our kids on 3. that was strictly pleasure and 4. required serious travel. See, a "real" vacation!

About a month before we left, Eric's Dad called and asked if Eric's mother could tag along. She LOVES Disney. I mean LOVES Disney!! The men made all of the arrangements to have her in an adjoining room, get a dining plan, fly into Orlando, etc. I was beyond excited for an extra set of helping hands and the Disney expertise!! Thursday, of the week before we left she fell on some ice. She was left with one good arm and one broken one. However, she was not going to miss our vacation. She was more help then I think she gives herself credit for. While it was true she could not help bathe children or carry anything she was an extra set of eyes for kids that were not tall enough to ride big rides, and extra set of eyes when Eric and I went to order food, an extra mind who helped us make coordinating decisions. She was indispensable. We need her on ALL our vacations from now on!

Let the pictures begin:

The Princess in her carriage
We caught this dance contest in Downtown Disney one night. Mya did not want to be in the contest but danced and watched the entire time providing the entertainment for a group of ladies nearby. They did not want us to take her home!
In the gift shop of the Rockin' Roller Coaster Ride.
Waiting for Funnel Cakes. Good job guys!
In Minnie's house.

I LOVE this face. She is showing Eric exactly where Lilo touched her shoulder.
Austin found one of his best friends from school at Epcot! Hi Kenyon!

We ran into some cousins while we were there too. We only got a picture with Merrick and Jack. We forgot to get one with Annabelle, Joe, Caroline and Rush...
Girls are in AWE. Austin is thinking...we are wasting our time!
The whole group.
Eric was getting the stroller when we happened upon Goofy so he snuck in the back of the photo when he was done.

This photo is really worthy of a whole other post but I will try to be concise. It's no secret that Disney promotes Princesses. What does a preincess do to try and make a boy feel included? Of course she calls him a prince! How does a seven year old boy who thinks girls are gross react? He gets upset. Austin was lamenting to Eric and I about this trend while we were waiting to see Snow White. Here's the convo:

A: "Dad, it's really embarrassing that all the princesses call me something dumb. I hate it!"

E: "They are just trying to be nice because they know you would probably rather be doing something else. Just smile and be nice."

Grandma: "I bet you a churro that this Snow White calls you something."

A: "I bet she does too, but ok, I'll bet you she doesn't."

Funny Guy in front of us leans over to Eric and says: "Want me to talk to Snow White when I go up there and get her to call him a prince to throw the bet in favor of Granny?"

E: "Awesome..."

Funny Guy: "Actually lets make it interesting and get her to call him something else like one of the dwarfs...SNEEZY!"

E: "Hey Austin, I bet she calls you...Sneezy."

A: "Dad, why would she call me Sneezy? You are definitely on!"

Funny guy and Snow White: "psst, blah, blah, giggle, giggle."

(Those princesses NEVER break character! She was cool about it the whole time.)

Snow White to A: Well, hello, you must be Sneezy!"

A: mouth drops looks around "I cannot believe this! My Dad and I had a bet that you would call me Sneezy. I never thought you would call me Sneezy!!"

Snow White in her high pitched little voice "Oh Dear. I am so sorry. A little blue bird told me to call you that. I had no idea!"

Funny guy: about to bust a gut!

Me: laughing so hard I am crying!

Grandma: turning blue with laughter

A: walking away "A blue bird...really?? A BLUEBIRD??"

E: "Sorry buddy. Who knew?"

We eventually told him what happened. It was pretty dang funny! Judging by the look on his face in the picture I think he forgave her.