Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August B-days

Mya and I had different ideas about her birthday party. I wanted to invite all of my family and kids over for one big party. She wanted a few friends and have a cooking party. Let the pictures tell the story...
Austin's cupcake creation
Ali and Tiana

Happy 7th big girl! I love you!!
(We made little pizzas, assemble fruit kabobs and decorated cupcakes.)

Aliyah is modeling the aprons I made for all the party goers. Austin opted out but would like a army one with orange fire flames on it at some point thankyouverymuch. Notice, NO PINK on these little babies...no siree...it's all purple and Caribbean blue around here these days.

For my birthday Gabby helped the kids throw a surprise party for me. Cake, party hats and all! Eric then took us all out to Hello Tokyo for some hibachi but only after he SPOILED me! I had asked for bread loaf pans. I got
-loaf pans
-gift card to the outlet mall
-a new stinkin' piano!

Who does that!!!???!! A husband looking to earn some serious good husband points, that's who!


Amy said...

A piano!!! Can Eric give Adam a few tips? Please??? I don't need a piano, but a thoughtful gift once in a while wouldn't be bad.

Happy Birthday!

Grandma Carla said...

Happy Birthday Amy - did I miss wishing you a happy birthday last week? Shame on me! Glad you had a great celebration. Give Eric an extra hug for being such a great husband to my niece!

Grandma Carla said...

Sorry about the "moniker" of Grandma Carla - I have that because I'm usually just posting on my kids' blogs!