Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My in-laws rock...

They are so patient. Mya fixed Grandmas hair and Grandpa helped Austin with lots of scout "stuff". In the picture they had carved a bear out of soap. We worked them to the bone when they were here! Blurry pictures...I did find my camera though. I have to start using that instead of my phone! While they were here they also:
-took each of the kids on a date
-built shelves
-hung pictures
-told the kids bedtime stories
-stayed up late talking with Eric and I
-went on a kids-free date with us
-went with us to the kids prep day
-went with us to get the kids school uniforms
-washed ALOT of 97 loads
-washed ALOT of dishes
-helped bury our under ground dog fence
-this list could be never ending...

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Amy said...

No kidding - I agree - they do rock! They showed us all the pictures from when they were in LA and you ALL were busy. And just so you know - they help out with ALL their kids all the time. You just get to see it all squeezed into one week. So glad they could visit you. Mom's really excited about her next trip too.