Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

So, as always the first day of school came once again. I was sure it wasn't coming this year, but it did. I love/hate the first day of school. The house becomes eerily calm and quiet during the day. I love that. I begin to regret all the things we didn't get to do during the summer. I hate that.
So sweet and pretty :) Miss Priss had left her booksack (yes that's what we call it in the south) at school when she dropped off her supplies so she only had this box her teacher asked her to bring on the first day to show off. Not nearly as cute as her "not pink because I hate pink, but girly enough for people to know I am a girl" teal, black and white plaid booksack. (And yes, she "hates" pink and her bow and shoes are...PINK! But she picked them out, not me which is totally different.)
Orange is the "cool" color this year. It was an orange bag or bust. But look at the face, how could you say no?
We can do this... I love/hate uniforms. Actually that is a lie. I just love them :)

Next year Liyah-Bear, next year...

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